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Amazon Memorial Day Sale Brings Huge Deals On Sony Audio, Video And Camera Gear


How about some Sony gear to celebrate today’s day of remembrance? Up to 43% off!
Considering how the company is arguably best known for its TVs and game systems these days, it’s easy to forget that Sony made its mark in the field of audio. Indeed, the very name of the company comes partially from the Latin «sonus», meaning sound. Sony’s running a big pile of Memorial Day deals right now, and if you’re keen on speakers, soundbars, some nice TVs, or other electronic gadgets, we may just have a deal for you. Let’s start off with some bluetooth speakers.Sony ULT Field 1 IP67 Bluetooth Speaker, $98 at Amazon (25% off)
Sony has a solid selection of Bluetooth speakers on steep discounts for the holiday. First up is this ULT Field 1 compact speaker that offers 12-hour battery life and a one-button bass boost if that’s your preference. It includes a «sound diffusion processor» that Sony says can «fill up any space with sound.» It’s available in four colors: black, white, «forest gray,» and a bright orange. It’s rated for an output power of 20 watts, which is going to produce quite a lot of sound for such a small device.Sony SRS-XE300 X-Series Party Speaker, $148 at Amazon (26% off)
This SRS-XE300 Bluetooth speaker is also IP67 rated, meaning it’s water-, dust-, and shock-proof, and it advertises a line-shaped diffuser to help it fill a large area with sound rather than using digital signal processing. It includes a microphone with echo cancellation, and it supports up to a 24-hour battery life. It’s available in white, black, or teal, as seen above.Sony SRS-XG300 X-Series Bluetooth Party Speaker, $198 at Amazon (43% off)
The top end of the Bluetooth speakers on sale today, the XG300 offers all of the features available on the previous two models but also adds a 3.

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