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'The Crown' reigns for online TV at Sunday's Golden Globes


NewsHubThe 74th annual Golden Globe Awards , which aired Sunday, further proved online shows have truly arrived.
While traditional shows and movies still dominated — theatrical release ” La Land ” claimed a record seven awards — original streaming shows definitely made their presence known.
The non-traditional shows made their mark right from the start, with Netflix drama ” Stranger Things ” earning a prime position in host Jimmy Fallon’s opening number. ( Barb lives!)
Netflix stunner ” The Crown ,” about Queen Elizabeth II’s early years, received a royal welcome. Star Claire Foy, who plays the queen, won the Golden Globe for outstanding actress in a television drama, and the show won for outstanding television drama.
Naturally, Foy thanked the 90-year-old monarch she portrays.
“(Queen Elizabeth) has been at the center of the world for the last 63 years,” Foy said. “I think the world could do with a few more women at the center of it. ”
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos attended the awards ceremony, as Amazon Studios shows received five TV nominations, winning the best actor award early on for Billy Bob Thornton’s performance as a comeback-seeking lawyer in ” Goliath.

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