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Facebook data of over half a billion users leaked. How to check if you were affected?


Were you among the 530+ million users whose Facebook account data was leaked? Here’s how to check, and what to do next in order to stay safe.
So, the data of over half a billion Facebook users was leaked and recently found floating around the internet. No, I’m not talking about hidden hacker forums or the dark web. I’m talking about that massive treasure trove of identifiable user data being dumped on publicly accessible platforms. For FREE. And at one point, it was being sold on Telegram too. Now, the number of affected users stands at over 530 million. So, were you among the unlucky ones whose data was leaked? Well, the chances of that happening are high. As per a Statista, Facebook had roughly 2.8 billion monthly active users (MAU), around 65% of which are daily active users (DAU), a number that stands at a staggering 1.85 billion. Now, going by those figures, there’s over 20% chance that your personal data was leaked. Yes, the leak happened due to a breach in 2019, and was fixed back then, as per Facebook, but the data can still be exploited.

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