Домой United States USA — Cinema Marvel Is Fast-Tracking The First Asian Superhero Movie, ’Shang-Chi’

Marvel Is Fast-Tracking The First Asian Superhero Movie, ’Shang-Chi’


An Asian superhero will soon get his due on the big screen.
Marvel’s first tentpole female superhero movie, Captain Marvel, will arrive in March 2019 with a second trailer set to debut during Monday Night Football. It’s a massive push for the comic book movie film industry, which has — let’s face it — been dominated by white male superheroes, including through most of the MCU’s phases thus far. The exception would be Phase Three’s Black Panther, which arrived in early 2018 to both massive box-office prowess and critical acclaim. Now, Disney hopes to swiftly expand their inclusive success while launching the first Asian superhero movie, Shang-Chi.
Deadline reports that Marvel Studios is “fast-tracking” the titular character for a tentpole franchise, the first to revolve around an Asian protagonist.

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